The Rose Society by Marie Lu

5:22 PM

The Rose Society is most likely the darkest book I have ever read. It picks up, not to long after The Young Elites ended, and had a very steady pace through most of the novel. I never felt like it was dragging at one point. After finishing this book, I have no doubt that Adelina has to be on of my favorite pov's to read from. Throughout the novel, her mind grows much darker than I thought it would go, and I'm honestly glad it did. It really helped to build up her character.

I love the way Marie introduced her new characters, and how they added to the plot. Those characters also helped build up the world much more in this novel than what was introduce in the first book. We got to see another kingdom that is playing major role in the series, and learn more about them and their ruler. We also got to learn more about some of the characters introduced in the first book. It really helped to make the plot thicker.

The action and fight scenes were so well developed, there was never a dull moment, and they never felt once that they were dragging on a bit to long. I personally love the way Marie describes her fight scenes, because I can picture it so well as if I was actually there watching the fight in person. I am super excited to see how the fights are going to go down in the 3rd book.

The Rose Society had a very well put together plot, and thankfully did not have a cliffhanger as much as the first book. Over all I Would give The Rose Society 4.5 out of 5 stars. I can't wait to see where the next book goes, and I do I have a few theories in mind. At the point the book is at now, I believe it will only get darker. If you have read The Rose Society comment done below that you thought!

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  1. I read it! N I LOVED IT!! My favorite character from the very first book was Adelina. She is so strong, dark, amazing, I love her! N now I also love Magiano I think his name is. HE IS SO FUNNY N HILARIOUS N he has a soft spot for Adelina. I want the third book already.
    *Oh yea I follow u on instagram. I'm @mywolfs_booktaste*

    1. I love Adelina, she is such a wonderfully dark character. Also Magiano is so funny, I love him! I following you to! Thanks for commenting!


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