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Hi! My name is Neven, and I'm 15 years old, currently in my sophomore year od high school. I live in the mountains of North Carolina. If I'm not reading a book (which is rare) you can normally find me hiking (yes a booknerd who loves the outdoors), taking pictures of books and wildlife, or hiding in my room binge watching many different shows on Netflix, while I drown myself in popcorn.

My favorite genre of books will always be high fantasy. I will always be a sucker for any fantasy world (if anyone would like to give me a dragon, it would be highly appreciated). I also love a good historical fiction, especially if it has to do with anything with Word War II or the Renaissance Era.

Anyways, I think that is enough about me for now. Thank you so much for checking my blog! If you want to check out my social medias, I'll have them linked below!

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