The 5th Wave: Movie Review

4:13 PM

The 5th Wave came out this past Friday, and I was super excited to see it, but I was nervous at the same time, because The 5th Wave is one of my favorite books! Overall I really enjoyed it, but there are a few things I'm still not sure how I feel about and I few things I wish they could have done better. On the plus side, the movie followed the plot of the book very well! Which I was quite happy about, and doesn't always happen.

I want to start off talking about how they portrayed Cassie's character in the movie. I feel like Chole did Cassie's character justice, but I did feel like her acting was a bit off in a few scenes (just me?). I love the way they started off the movie going into the crucifix solider scene, then we go back to the beginning when she was in school. I feel ike they did a good job at showing Cassie's story line, but I still feel like they didn't develop they characters enough. I feel like if I didn't read the book, I wouldn't really have a connection to most of the characters. Especially Evan. We didn't get any of his back story we got in the book and it felt weird to me, but I do think Alex Roe did a good job at portraying him. They also cut out a bunch of scenes between Cassie and Evan, and since they did this it felt like their realtion ship was a but rushed in the movie. I wish they made the movie about 30 minutes longer just so they could have developed the characters a bit more.

I love squade 53. They portrayed all of the characters very accurately, especially Ringer. But one thing I am still wondering about Ringer is, where did she get all of the black makeup? I didn't picture her like that in the book. I mean it fits her character, but its kinda the end of the world. I don't think make up is on the top of a supply list at a military base. I think Nick did a good job portraying Zombie, but once again I wish they put more character development in it. The movie stayed at a nce fast past, but it didn't feel rushed which was good!

It had both good and bad things about it, but I still really enjoyed it! I'm not sure if we are going to get a sequel from they way its doing in the box offices, but I hope we do. What did you guys think about the movie? Let me know!

★ ★ ★ ★ Over all I'm giving the movie 4 out of 5 stars! ★ ★ ★ ★

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